Look ma !! Your son's got a blog !!

Monday, August 17, 2009
whoa hello ,

am i even surprised to see you here !

it's the first post and i'm not sure whether anyone's ever gonna be bothered about reading this. The idea of a blog crossed my mind yesterday when i saw Devina's blog "the anger within Me" .. well, she's good, follow her .. and you'll be surprised to see the kid's so called "maturedness" ...i think that's a word that she hates :)

hey btw, thanks again for the inspiration, this first post is dedicated to you ...

basically, i'm going to write here about the goings-on around the place, and maybe whatever comes to my mind ... isn't that what blogs are supposed to be ?? i'm so doomed ...

and i'm really looking forward for your comments ... (another cliche ..erm)

and tips and suggestions too ....

in a couple of weeks i'm losing my beloved diary to someone special so i guess this is gonna be the place ...yay !!

take care


InnocentlyHarmed said...

Hey Kaushik,
Thanks for mentioning me on your first blog and your soliloquy is awesome.

I do hate that word.

Because it's such an irony that people who doesn't know what ' mature ' is preach me about what is actually mature. Like,for instance - dumbass people on Orkut. (Yessir.They are irritating.)
*pissed off*

Good luck with your blog.
Woah. I'm your first follower,I know you'll have many and I'm excited to see what you may post about. Do post often!

and nice layout you got there.

Devina x

InnocentlyHarmed said...

And oh,I've changed my blog's name into " Esthetic thoughts" .
I kind of found out that my ranting was making people agonize.



kaushgo said...

Devina , your always welcome :)

and btw, your "Ranting" was actually making people stand up and take notice ...well done !

I must say,your new layout and the name is esthetically pleasing .. cheers :D


dear sarah, said...

i looked at your rants Devina haha
god luck on blog starting and such:)
and i guess i should follow the hug theme

kaushgo said...

Thanks *blushes*

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey nice to c u wid a cool blog..n hv to say u got gud collections of songs

Jacx'D said...

devina's an inspiration XD

Devina said...
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Devina said...

my blog was terrible looking back in the past now.
and that's even an inspiration to someone?

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