Really depressing ...this song

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The other day, i found myself listening to a track called "Hate Me" by Blue October ...a texas based band ...

It's kinda old news but i hadn't discovered this gem of a band before so... if you've heard them, then you don't need to read any farther, cuz you already know ...wiseguy !! :p

And i won't mince my words, this song actually made me feel terrible !! I put it on repeat and then felt good.. a sense of self pity that, in reality, makes you feel better !!

what will you term me as - a masochist ??

The song's about a son who asks his mother to hate him for all the pain he caused her, and maybe for the things he should've said to her...

well, but if you overlook that son & mom part (which i came to know only after watching the video :/ ) , then it takes on a whole new meaning ...

maybe if your having some kinda problem with your dearest one, then perhaps you'll be able to identify yourself with the protagonist... it's not too hard !

mine never calls me, so ...yea ... :D

anyways, maybe you should listen to the audio first in some site like ... the video spoils it man !! :)

take care


InnocentlyHarmed said...

The song is great.
I didn't knew that band myself.

Was guilty conscience acting on you while you were listening to that song,Kaushik?


therealbobthought said...

being a father of three,2 girls 1 son. this touched me. my girl just called, i never get to see them, they live so far away but i do call a lot. stay in touch.
mr bob

therealbobthought said...

you do know st.elmo is the patron saint for sailors, right.

kaushgo said...

I'm so glad that you liked the song, and maybe you'll agree with me that this actually helps, in a strange way :)

and yes devina, it was "guilty conscience" at work,but no, i'm not sure whether it should be on my part, or ..hmmm ... ;)

mr bob, i know a little about the saint and it was wonderful to hear from you :)

god bless

AritrY said...

i hate it when videos contradict with the song!!!

btw, thanks for joining my blog.

and where did u get this layout?

kaushgo said...

Aritry, well, even i hate it when i listen to a song... and then watch the video, only to find out that it’s not like what i had in mind all this while !


and you're always welcome(about your blog) !

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