Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Maybe I'm dying !

anyways, my hibernation is over, or so i hope ... but evrytime i say this, and that is quite often indeed, i see someone smirk.... YOU are demoralizing, you know that ?!
The general idea around the place is that i'm lazy with a capital L ..and a capital A, and a capital Z and so on ...

But that's one thing that i controvert vehemently , with all my pride and dignity ! I say, you may not be seeing me sloggin it out when others are neck deep in work ; but that's only because i like to do things my own way and i don't care if you label me a loner or something of that sort !

don't bother, you'll never understand me.

and now back to you good people.

well, we shifted to a new apartment last week. I like it ...lots of space, and a whole lot more peace.
Good for a loner you said?? well not if you know RNV n HP ....happy hour all day long !!

It was all good until we had arrived, all happy happy !
Now, the lady downstairs complains everyday, that her baby can't sleep because of all the commotion. We've seen the child, he's adorable....(i should put up a picture of him, but that can lead me to trouble, naah ).

So we decided to stop our midnight guitar sessions ! The music thingy is getting wasted 'coz we can't play it on loud ! :(

I guess sooner or later we had to become social ! sigh ...

and we were thinking of getting a pup. but wondered how we're gonna take care of him ...we'll be in college whole day and we can't just leave him all alone ...and what about when we'll go home next summer... had to drop the whole plan .... boo :(

My sister's getting married next week and i won't be there to celebrate ! boo hoo :(

I haven't heard from RedBull in a long long time ... depressing, very depressing ! boo hoo hoo :(

"i'm lucky to be in love with my best friend" ....lalalala
and Jason Mraz is not helping at all ...

Enough reasons for dying, eh ?


P.S I loved this, maybe you too will ..


Vishnu said...

nope.. not yet.. i guess u still hav to be alive..

adrita das said...

you loved my blog?

hehehe thanks:P

jason mraz helps sometimes.
but you know what kind of music really makes me want to live a little more?
most people haven't heard of her.
but i listen to her on my worst days.and it feels good.

kaushgo said...

enya eh ?? of course i know enya - I live with russians all around ..hehe


adrita das said...

i didn't know enya was russian.
but the music is awesome.
you must be the second person i know who has heard o enya.

kaushgo said...

enya isn't Russian as far as i know !

But Russian's do have a thing for her...

. said...

They do?
Do you stay in russia?

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