The red Ambulance, snow and a really happy new year

Friday, January 1, 2010

It was new year's eve. I was on my daily commute, on my way to the university. Now, i have this really bad habit of noticing people from head to toe, i know, and it's one of my new year resolutions, not to. There was this man in front of me, in his mid thirties, a pair of fake new balances (haha) , a tracksuit, a cap.....

old habits die let me clarify, i was NOT checking the man out, no !! It was the object that he held on his hand that caught my eye, in an instant !!

it was a toy - a fiery red ambulance ! i know, a firetruck would have been sexier but there it was, an ambulance. It's holiday season here and they are celebrating Christmas on the 7th of Jan. The man gifting this little yet precious present to his son - wonderful !!

now, before you ask me what kind of a man goes to a shop to buy a gift, in his tracksuit - well, let me tell you, things around here have been tough financially and anyways, here in russia, it goes....

but that's of little significance, the man was shabby and the gift was inexpensive....but as they say, here it goes, it's the thought that counts.....i can well imagine the child's face the moment he gets his hands on this.... :)

I had a similar awe inspiring piece of machinery when i was a kid. It too was from my dad and this little incident here, it was like i was re-living that holiday ten years ago. It was one present that makes my childhood complete. I'm sure you have something that special yourself.

Oh, how i miss my family and the joy they bring to me!!

Speaking of joy, did you guys have a blast on the 31st ?? or maybe, today ??

We sure did, me & PP went to the piazza where all the celebrations were. There were fireworks at the stroke of midnight, a really good concert, Santa in blue (for a change) and there was snowfall.

Perfect :)

and talking about new year, my resolution for this year is that I'll be happy !!! Simple !!

Happy new year people - have a great one :)



dear sarah, said...

hm. interesting. kinda touched me. reminded me of being a kid. it gave me this weird flashback of how carefree and shit it was. damn i miss that.

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